Supplier Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to the services provided by Amco Partners and suppliers (“the Carriers”) to Amco Services (International) Limited (“Amco”). In the event of any conflict with existing Service Level Agreements/ contracts, the terms and conditions of the Service Level Agreements/ contracts prevail.


Quotations provided by Carriers and confirmed by Amco via verbal or written acceptance, Errors and Omissions Excepted, are expected to be provided on the agreed terms and conditions unless communicated to the contrary by the Carrier.

Any additional Carrier charges that may arise during the course of executing the service e.g. waiting time must be communicated and approved by the Amco operational team prior to the completion of the work. Any additional Carrier charges not approved by Amco operators during the execution of the work will not be paid.

Terms of service

Carriers are required to track and monitor all vehicles used for Amco transport work and operate to Amco’s Health and Safety policy ( H&S policy). Any issues that could impact the requirements of the job (e.g. meeting collection & delivery times, missing paperwork, incomplete loads etc) MUST be communicated back to the Amco operational team immediately Failure to do so may result in your payment being withheld or rejected.

Upon collection the Carrier shall inspect and check that all details regarding part numbers, quantities, dimensions, collection and delivery times and addresses are as stated in this order. The Carrier must not accept any variation to this order or leave the collection point without prior authorisation from Amco of any variances. Failure to follow this instruction may result in the Carrier not being paid for the job and being required to bear all additional costs associated from such an unauthorised action. Terms and conditions of service are as per the Amco supplier agreement.

Carriers are required to comply with British International Freight Association (BIFA) terms and conditions with the exception of UK to UK transport which is to be provided under Road Haulage Association (RHA) 2017 terms and conditions and all warehousing which is provided under UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) terms and conditions. No staff member has authority to vary or accept variance of these terms which may only be varied by a Director in writing.


Invoices are payable 45 days from the end of month of delivery subject to invoices being received (together with all stipulated supporting documentation e.g. PODs) within 5 working days of the month following delivery.

Invoices received after more than 5 working days following month of delivery will be treated as relating to the month of receipt and the payment date amended accordingly.


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